Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nepal : No role in Technology Field ‘undeveloped’ [Report]

Report by : Bijay Acharya [deadbj]

In recent world of Network and Technology, Nepal is without any Role. Problems of Country is hitting progress of Technology with negative impact. Users are less involved, and those who are involved are amazingly involved in Porn Tech. In accordance of Data, Nepal is 200 yrs back from leading world.

Narrow minded politicians and Course related Education is making country/students DUMB and DEAF in the field of technology.

Instability in political environment is playing key role for Down Status of Nepal in Front of latest World. Many of peoples and Students take their Birth as Burden and Curse in Nepal. If they Fly to international world, they get better JOB and Life. But if same person lives here in Nepal, their life goes without any Lights, in Dark. 

Nepal is now sick country, with no treatment, with virus around own system from own system. Nepal needs Doctor and Physicians for its treatment. And this World is in it’s own pace, who have Time to give a stare at Nepal ?

Dream of getting Higher to compete latest World, is now just a DREAM. Until and Unless, fool politicians are awared of it, Nepal Can’t Enter to the Hole of Progress.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

बन्द लाई बन्द गर्ने जिम्मेबारी जनता को नै हो

बन्द लाई बन्द गर्ने जिम्मेबारी जनता को नै हो। नेता सँग आश न राख्न्नु मै बेश हुन्छ । "nepal maa hamile j gare ni huncha' bhanne soch neta haruko cha. malai laagcha, aahile ka haamra raajnitik dal haru le galti gardai chan/ ra yesko parinam dherai naramro tarikale uniharule bhogne chan. smayeko khel nai ho , uni haru desh nikala huna पनि के बेर ? aahile Sampurna nepal kaa janata uhteka chainan. kohi dar le, kohi bewasta le ra kohi vavisyemaa k huncha bhanne aagyan le. tara samaye le yek din kolto awashye fercha.! sabai ko dimag maa hunu parne kura yeuta nai ho "नेता चोर भयो भने देश रन्डीखाना बन्छ"