Sunday, March 11, 2012

Neta Chor Vayo Vane (Part 1)

"Neta Chor Vayo Vane . . ."
Link of VIDEO
Creator : Bijay Acharya (DEADBJ)

Story : "Facebook Screen Captured Video, where people posted their views via their comments. Status and Comments in the account is about current situation of Nepal and people reacting to it.'

Points to be captured :
"Government is not the solution to our problem"

"New Nepal getting worse incomparision to OLD"

"Stop punishing Smokers. Start to destroy Cigarette Factory"

"Stop Beating Driver after Accident,you are not the judge or police. Rather be fast and call Police.Till the arrival of police,control the vehicle,driver and situation. That's the true Courage.That's the True Humanity"

Warning : "This Video is not for Violation and Illegal sharing is not allowed"

Editor/Admin (of Account) :
Bijay Acharya (DEADBJ)

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